About Fisbein

FISBEIN is a company specialized in sterling silver jewelry from the city of Barcelona. We design exclusive jewelry with artistic inspirations with different types of finishes and materials, where color has an important value, since it gives the pieces personality and joy.


Our collections have different sources of inspiration, all based on the wonderful and enriching world of art, be it painting, architecture, etc. The beautiful city of Barcelona is a great source of inspiration, especially for its rich artistic content, partly thanks to the great modernist architect Antoni Gaudí and all his work.


The FISBEIN business project began more than 20 years ago by Mario Fisbein, its founder, with great enthusiasm and love. Business focused on distribution. Over time, Andrea Fisbein, his daughter, very interested in the world of artistic creation, studied jewelry and began with all the creative part, emerging at this time the design of exclusive collections.


Thanks to this great family tandem, FISBEIN is a benchmark in Barcelona in the exclusive design of artistic collections, with the most emblematic Museums and monuments being its most recognized points of sale.